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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below and as download link embedded the questions we get most frequently asked. In case they do not cover your specific ones do not hesitate to directly contact us via: and we answer you in no time!

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How can you provide your services at such competitive pricing?

SyncSquared has developed its proprietary method in Business Consulting combining Human and Artificial Intelligence. By that, we can provide deep insights in a short amount of time. It allows us to be quicker, more cost efficient and more impactful in our deliveries than most of our competition. Other than time for money (as in traditional business consulting) we follow a money for value approach providing our customers with learnings and insights in an agile, forward looking way.


Which topics are covered in your analytics/consulting?

Every analytics and consulting project is based on a deep look into the four major input dimensions of our proprietary model: Market & Industry, Customer, Business Trends and Performance. By synthesizing all this data and combining it with expert knowledge we create unique analysis, insights and outlooks.

How up-to-date is your information?
In order to deliver latest information we always include the newest insights, forecasts and industry trends. Our data driven approach allows for the highest actuality and accurateness.

Which geographical regions are covered?
This depends on the focus of your project and the data available. In general, our reports contain global information. Where there are major differences between regions, we emphasize that directly and differentiate it within the report.

How is Artificial Intelligence included?
To derive our recommendations and High Impact Planning we combine artificial intelligence with human industry expert knowledge. Our proprietary AI tool manages to analyze millions of inputs and displays chances as well as risks. These data driven analysis results are then combined with the experiences and knowledge of our subject matter experts.

Which data sources do you use?
We spent more than two years working with leading business analysts and data scientists to identify, validate and integrate a wide array of data sources into our proprietary model. It is data from the 4 input dimensions Market & Industry, Customer, Business Trends and Performance. Some of this data we get from the public domain, other parts from specialized certified data companies and leading research institutes.

What sets you apart from the market research I already buy?
At SyncSquared we help you not only to gather data of your market but interpret them in a rapid and usable way for your business. Depending on our collaboration and the depth you need we provide everything from quick recommendations to High Impact Plans in order to rapidly monetize on the learnings. We do this with our proprietary method utilizing big data analysis in our AI model and combining it with qualitative research methods and the expertise of our team members.

We have all the data ourselves – so how do you add value?
Of course, your expertise and knowledge are an invaluable asset, including all the data you have on hand. However, these days there is additionally a lot of data and insights that you won’t necessarily have available. For example, changes in purchase behavior or channels, altered product expectations, trends in certain markets or geographies, disruptive technologies on the horizon, customer generation insights, demographics, age group specific buying patterns, service preferences, just to name a few. From these and many more insights we help you to profit by knowing them early in time. Considering all that and additionally having the data analyzed by our AI tool will give you new insights from a different point of view and set you apart from your competition.

What makes you qualitatively sure you know what you are talking about?
First of all, we integrate data (qualitative and quantitative) from leading research and data companies. We have developed a system that helps us interpret this data in am unparalleled way, so it rapidly delivers utilizable outcomes. Other than utilizing industry experts only, we are following a clear assessment process, we look much more broadly at your industry (360° assessment from our 4 input dimensions).

We help you to accelerate your inside-out approach (=guided by the belief that mostly the inner strengths and capabilities of the organization will make the organization prevail) and add an outside-in business assessment (deeply understanding what’s expected from your customers & market), integrating both worlds into one concise picture. This helps you taking the right decisions quickly and before others utilize this knowledge.

What do I get exactly?

We start by analyzing your company utilizing our proprietary method; here we are combining the big data learnings from our AI model and Human expertise assessment. Depending on the analytical depth we agreed on this process lasts between approx. 10 and 30 working days. All this is done with our proprietary method utilizing big data analysis in our AI model and combining it with qualitative research methods and the expertise of our team members.

The outcome of the analytics can be a stand-alone product or transfer into tailored consulting.


Again, utilizing the power of AI and Human Expertise we are delivering consulting in an agile, rapid return and data backed way. Working in monthly sprints we are jointly following the High Impact Plan derived from our analytics process and empower you to rapidly identify market chances and monetize on the learnings. Monitored by our AI tool we see developments early and can act and re-act in a quick and viable way for your business.

The outcome: Rapid, agile and efficient growth development delivering competitive advantages that empower you to harvest market opportunities before others do.